Adding Users to Sudoers in Linux - A Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Aug 17, 2015 · 1) To add a new user to the system: Use adduser command and the name of the user you wish to create. [[email protected] ~]$ sudo adduser newuser. Above command adds the newuser account to the system (with an entry in the file /etc/passwd file), creates a newuser group , and creates a home directory for the account in /home/newuser

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Mar 19, 2019 sudo - How can I add a new user as sudoer using the It would be inadvisable to explicitly add a single user to the sudoers file instead of simply adding that user to the appropriate group sudo. – Kzqai May 5 '14 at 18:56. 3. with sudo visudo you can output to /etc/sudoers.tmp, when leaving the editor it will overwrite /etc/sudoers by itself … How To Add a User to Sudoers On Debian 10 Buster I – Adding an existing user to the sudo group. As a prerequisites, make sure that the sudo command is available by default. If it’s not the case, you can install it by running (with an account with admin rights) $ apt-get update $ apt-get install sudo. The first method is to add the user to the sudo group. How To Create a Sudo User on Ubuntu [Quickstart Mar 28, 2016