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Media Servers - Using Mezzmo and PlayOn - Cannot get Oct 15, 2015 Tomato firmware 刷機與常用功能心得筆記 ASUS RT-N16刷Tomato(shibby版)軔體,可參照下述簡述流程。如果是其它機型,在網路上應該也找的到相關資訊 1.安裝RT-N16官方公用程式軟體 2.把作業系統的軟體防火牆關掉 3.把電腦與RT-N16的LAN連線,其它孔位的線都拔掉 4.把電腦的IP設成固定IP,設成192.168.1.2

Dec 07, 2012 · I'm not even sure where to talk about this. It only seems to happen at home on my Linksys/Cisco 3000e BUT none of my other devices give me a problem. Here…

Thanks, looks like Von routers are the way to go. I'll do some looking into them. Any suggestions on a good model to buy a few of? I was eyeing the Asus NT-R16, but I can't find it locally and time is a factor. asus rt-n18u 的外型依照近期的菱格紋造型設計,而非 rt-n16 的便當盒造型。 機身前方有個 usb 3.0 連接埠, 機身後方 i/o 由左至右分別為電源輸入、電源開關、usb 2.0、重置鈕、wan 埠、4 個 lan 埠、wps 按鈕。

Asus should do well with this model at that price point, although it will be unappreciated by the folks whom purchase D-Link and Asus at Myers etc. Maybe router of choice for the WP hacker. Given the raw grunt there would seem to be a lot of potential ipkg apps that will run with plenty to spare. A more than bare bones Asterisk install maybe.

Apr 23, 2009