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Aug 29, 2009 How to untag from a Facebook comment - Quora We'll keep your suggestion in mind as we continue to improve Facebook. If you'd like to share your feedback regarding the function to untag yourself from comments, you can do so by visiting the form linked below: If you are tagged in a post or comment that doesn't follow the Facebook Community Standards, report the post by using the "Report" link that appears near the post itself (whether it's a … How To Untag Old Facebook Photos | Mbrsolution Oct 30, 2016 How to untag yourself from a comment - Quora

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Does Facebook Notify the Poster if I Remove a Tag?

Jul 24, 2018

How to untag yourself from Facebook photo tags - Sylvastallone How to untag yourself from Facebook photo tags In order to remove a tag from a post you’ve been tagged in, click on the “V-shaped” icon at the top right of the post and select Remove Tag . How To Untag Yourself From a Photo on Facebook