Delete iPhone Safari Browser History; Clear iPhone Call History; Delete iPhone Album Pictures or Photos; Clear iPhone Map Location History ; Clear iPhone Social Software History(For Example Snapchat App) 1. Delete iPhone Safari Browser History. For iPhone users, it is advisable to erase your browser history periodically by using the steps

Nov 16, 2019 · In the Browsing history section, check the box next to Delete browsing history on exit. At the bottom of the window, click Apply, then click OK. Microsoft Internet Explorer users. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, follow these steps. Open the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Click Tools in the upper-right corner. Apple secretly stores iPhone user’s “deleted” browser history on iCloud for a year after it is deleted. If you thought that your browsing data was permanently deleted from your iPhone or iPad once you clear your Safari history, then you may want to think again? Under Clear browsing data, select Choose what to clear. Choose a time range from the Time range drop-down menu. Choose the types of data you want to clear (see the table below for descriptions). For example, you may want to remove browsing history and cookies but keep passwords and form fill data. Select Clear now. On the top menu, simply click Tools/Options/Internet Options/General. Then click “delete files”, then click OK. Finally click “clear history”, then click Yes when prompted. Safari users have it easy. Simply click History on the top menu, and then click Clear History on the bottom of the list that appears.

How to view and clear your browsing history in Safari on Jul 19, 2016

Apr 05, 2018

There are 4 data easing modes available, which you can see from the sidebar. Here your main objective is to clear browser history and caches. so 'Erase Private Data' is the one we should select. Step 4 Start Deleting Browsing History from iPhone. Click 'Scan' button and the program starts to scan all browsing history and caches on the iPhone. How to clear your iOS browser history - CNET How to clear your iOS browser history. Clearing your iOS browser history isn't something you will need to do often. But knowing how to do it will come in handy should the need ever arise. How to clear your browsing history on your iPhone or Apr 26, 2017 How to View and Clear Internet Explorer History on Your