How to connect a PS3 controller to a Mac? (tried on MacPro6.1/Mojave and MBP15in-2010/ElCap) I've looked at various guides (written and video) and according to them, the controller is suppose to show up as PS3Controller in the list BT device list.

Playstation 3 Media Server Setup - Digital Trends Sep 06, 2012 How to Connect PS4 Controller to Mac - Connecting your PS4 controller to Mac via Bluetooth is a little more complicated if compared with the first method. However, if you follow the steps below you won’t have any issues. On your Mac: Click on the Apple logo (in the top left corner of the screen), and select System Preferences from … How to Connect a PlayStation 3 Controller to a Mac (OS X Gaming on a Mac is a fantastic experience, but it will never feel truly authentic without a proper video game controller. Sadly, there aren’t many controllers available for the Mac, so the best alternative is to use the PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller.. Here’s what you’ll need:

Jan 22, 2013

How to connect PlayStation 3 to Windows media sharing on In order to connect Play Station 3 (PS3), you should know your computer MAC (Media Access Control) Address. Step 1: To obtain the MAC address in Windows 7. a. Click on Start; in the start search type “cmd” (without quotes) and hit Enter. b. Type the following command and press Enter to get the MAC address getmac . Step 2: Connect PS3 to Connecting to PS3 - Samsung Galaxy S2 | Android Forums

In order to get started and connect your Dual Shock PlayStation 3 controller to your Mac, follow the instructions below. Connect Your PlayStation 3 Controller to Your Mac Using Bluetooth. All you need to do in order to connect your PlayStation 3 controller to your Mac is adjust a few settings on your Mac from System Preferences.

Is there any possible way to play Playstation 3 on my Mac