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Updated Working Torrent Tracker List for 2019 | Thomas Dec 04, 2018 How To Disable uTP In the Latest uTorrent Version Feb 08, 2018 bep_0015.rst_post - BitTorrent This overhead can be reduced significantly by using a UDP based protocol. The protocol proposed here uses 4 packets and about 618 bytes, reducing traffic by 50%. For a client, saving 1 kbyte every hour isn't significant, but for a tracker serving a million peers, reducing traffic by 50% matters a lot.

But if i send a simple UDP message to router.utorrent.com:6881, how do i know which port messages will be sent back to me in response to my requests? i tried listening for messages on the same port as i send to 6881 but i receive nothing. Is these entry points limited to their own client (uTorrent) or can any thirdparty client use their "router"?

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