BTGuard VPN offers two separate plans. These can be paid for monthly or yearly (with a 25% price reduction for paying annually). The first is a proxy service that is primarily aimed at BitTorrent users (the BT part of their name stands for BitTorrent).

Jan 08, 2016 · Proxy / VPN works for torrenting. Cons / Outdated website and services, as well as missing native app, missing support pages, pricing is a bit “meh”. Verdict / BTGuard might have been great to use 2008, but newer and better alternatives are not hard to find. BTGuard was developed with torrenting in mind. Plus, it is in their name (BT), not only do they allow it, they encourage it. This is why they offer the torrenting proxy as a service, although, this proxy service hides your connection in certain circumstances, for full coverage, you need to pay more. Wrap UP 4.) “My torrent proxy was working but now says: Connection Timed Out” If you use an anonymous utorrent or bittorrent proxy , occasionally you may see a message under your tracker status: “Connection Timed Out”. Jun 05, 2012 · BTGuard problems:1. When I enable the proxy through either the Easy Install or the Advanced Install or even following the old instructions, it drops my connections to all my torrents. (They just hover in the blue neither DL or UL).2. When I have the BTGuard proxy (SOCKS5) turned on I get a yellow

From BTGuard Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. These settings are for PROXY users ONLY! If you have the VPN you do not need to configure your torrent client.

BitTorrent anonymously with BTGuard. Get unlimited speeds and bypass throttling now with our easy install. Compatible with uTorrent and Vuze. Check in the tracker status for the IP, you should see a message saying "BTGUARD IS WORKING, New IP:" Instead of your IP, you should see one of the following ones: Setting up a proxy is actually very simple, and just involves signing up for a service and checking a few boxes in your BitTorrent client. We’ll be using Private Internet Access and uTorrent for 1. From Bittorrent select, Options->Preferences or hit CTRL+P. 2. Select Connection on the left side.

Jan 04, 2020 · BTGuard was created with the purpose of protecting netizens who use torrents. It has a proxy option that can be set up in your torrent client. It will, therefore, protect only the traffic coming through it. Actually, it isn’t a bad idea since it costs less:

BTGuard is both a proxy and a VPN that is highly used by torrent users. But is really worth it? BTGuard has only 3 servers located in Singapore, Canada, and Netherlands. These servers have too much load and that is why it gives you the slowest speed. Its BitTorrent proxy is $6.95 per month and works with most of the popular torrent software. You can get its full VPN package for $9.95 per month, and it covers everything, including your torrenting activities. This is actually quite expensive compared to most of the VPN’s on our best VPN list. Pricing Info BTGuard – Source: BTGuard Proxy uses a unique approach in that it anonymizes a user’s torrenting IP without changing the public IP address. It’s therefore important to understand that this is just a torrenting proxy, and so it doesn’t secure your connection in any way. All it offers is anonymity. Dec 17, 2019 · The “BT” in BTGuard stands for bit torrent, and they’re one of the few VPN/proxy companies out there whose primary business is providing safety and anonymity to torrent users. This means that users can expect a ton of support when it comes to torrenting. BTGuard Review — The Pros P2P Support Jun 18, 2019 · Where HTTP proxies can only handle web traffic, a SOCKS server will simply pass along any traffic it gets, whether that traffic is for a web server, an FTP server, or BitTorrent client. In fact, in our article on securing your BitTorrent traffic, we recommend the use of BTGuard, an anonymizing SOCKS proxy service based out of Canada.