The objective of this study is to investigate beliefs and experiences about depression in North Korean refugees (NKRs) using both quantitative and qua…

The Personal Resource Questionnaire (PRQ) 85-Part 2 and the State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) were used. The STAI demonstrated coefficient alphas from 0.90 to 0.93; 0.87 and 0.93 for the PRQ. The PRQ 85-Part 2, a 7-point Likert-type format, is composed of 25 items. Higher scores indicate increased social support (total scores ranging from 25 to 175). PRQ-85 Part I. Scores obtained "by the PRQ-85 Part II were similar between military and nonmilitary subjects. No relationship was identified between the perceived level of social support arid the demographic variables of age, length of residence, education, and additional help in the home. Most of the -primiparas in the study sample had Abstract. The world is aging at an alarming rate and the aged all over the world are facing a lot of health, social and economic problems. It is against this background that the present study examines the impact of NGO’s intervention strategies on social well-being, economic empowerment and health well-being of the aged in Oyo State. Use the figure below to determine the relationship between the lengths of MR and MS. - 4281640 Feb 22, 1996 · The mean scores on the PRQ-85 and BDI are shown in the Table. Pearson's product moment correlation coefficient demonstrated a significant negative relationship (r=- .41, p<.01) between the amount

Validation of the PRQ85 Social Support Measure for is a platform for academics to share research papers. Participants were asked their highest level of education and to indicate their chronic conditions. Other instruments used were: Health Survey (SF-36), Personal Resource Questionnaire (PRQ-85), Revised (IAD-R) scale (Acceptance), and Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile II. Glycemic control was measured using glycosylated hemoglobin. : 100 x 0.001g Digital Milligram Pocket Scale, High Sensitivity Portable Reloading Weighing Jewelry Power MG Scale with 50g Calibration Weights (Black) : Office Products The Personal Resource Questionnaire (PRQ-85) was used to measure social support and the Quality of Life Index-Cardiac Version (QLI) was used to measure QOL. The hypothesis of the study asserted that there was a positive correlation between the level of social support and QOL in the CABS patient population one year following surgery.

The PRQ 85-Part 2, a 7-point Likert-type format, is composed of 25 items. Higher scores indicate increased social support (total scores ranging from 25 to 175).

Gloria Joachim's research works | University of British The Personal Resource Questionnaire (PRQ-85), which measures perceived level of social support, Cite. Request full-text. Chronic Illness Experience: Insights from a Metastudy. Article. Association between psychological status with perceived Data were collected using the socio-demographic characteristics questionnaire, perceived social support (PRQ-85) and the short form of depression, anxiety, and stress (DASS-21). The statistical tests including Spearman's correlation, Mann-Whitney, Kruskal Wallis, and linear regression model were used for data. (PDF) Personal Resource Questionnaire: A Systematic Review