R prefix: DC/Metropolitan Area: 202‑488‑4900 MD: 800‑854‑5256 DC/Metropolitan Area: Mail Administrator P.O. Box 14113 Blue Cross and Blue Shield

The BlueCard® Program makes filing claims easy. As a participating provider of BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, you may render services to patients who are national account members of other BlueCross and/or BlueShield Plans, and who travel or live in our service area. Prefix Group Number Group Name Effective Product XMB 10034591 Lakeland School District 10/1/2011 Trad LIG 10034240 Latah County 10/1/2010 PPO IDN Blue Cross of 00010 00510 Alabama Birmingham Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama 00030 00530 Arizona Phoenix Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, Inc. 00050 00550 Colorado Denver Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado 00060 00560 Connecticut North Haven Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut, Inc. 00070 Quick Guide to Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Member ID Cards. 3. Alpha Prefix . The majority of Blue-branded ID cards display a . three-character alpha prefix. in the first three positions of the subscriber’s ID number. However, there are some exceptions to this; ID cards for the following products/ programs do not have an alpha prefix: please check the member’s three digit alpha prefix and submit the claim to the correct NAIC code detailed above. If you have questions regarding this notice you may contact the EDI Operations of Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield at 1-888-222-5950 or 304-424-7728.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association providers serve nearly 90 million members nationwide, including almost 20 million national account members. We understand the importance of ensuring easy administration for you, and we want your patients to have a positive experience with each visit.

GPN Alpha Prefix Issue Effective Jan. 1, 2014, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield began using the GPN alpha prefix for their members. GPN was previously a Florida Blue alpha prefix that remained active in our database even though it was discontinued. As such, beginning Jan. 1, BlueCard® claims submitted with a GPN

ID card), when a patient get services from a provider in any other state than his homeplan, claim is submited to the BCBS plan of state where services were rendered not to the pt. homeplan direct. and f-up of claims could be done with local BCBS unit but eligibilty and benefits information is provided by homeplan and one can call Blue-Card no

You may also call 1-800-664-BLUE (2583). Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey 2017 Managed Care Benefits-at-a-Glance 1 If you have questions about enrollment, benefits or claims, visit NaviNet.net or call 1-800-624-1110 to use our Interactive Voice Response system, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, generally including weekends The prefix identifies the member’s Blue plan and is associated with a product type indicating specific eligibility and benefit information. The prefix also routes claims for processing. Be sure to use all alpha characters and numbers as shown on the ID card when checking eligibility or submitting claims. Local Blue Cross and Blue Shield Mailing Addresses Last Update 10/24/2013 State/Alpha Prefix Claims Filing Address Alabama BCBS of Alabama P.O. Box 995 Birmingham, AL 35298 Arkansas Arkansas BCBS PO Box 2181 Little Rock AR 72203 -2181 Arizona BCBS of Arizona PO Box 2924 Phoenix, AZ 85062 -2924 California BC of California PO Box 60007 Updated BCBSIL BlueCare DirectSM and Blue Choice Preferred PPOSM Alpha Prefix Codes December 15, 2015 As a reminder, the alpha prefix codes on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) members’ ID cards in the BlueCare Direct and Blue Choice Preferred PPO plans have been updated. Below is a list of the old and new alpha prefix codes.