A proxy is a website,you should make sure that you can visit that website.The proxy include free proxy and paid proxy. Free proxy may be not a great solution to access Facebook in China, because Chinese government. I mean just maybe, you can test it first. Proxy offer you better speed than VPN, and proxy is all web-based. You don't need

Method 2: Using Tor Browser. Another measure to access Google and all the other blocked sites in China is using Tor browser. Tor is a free distributed anonymity tool which can also be used to circumvent the firewalls, unlike VPN which runs in the background when you're using your preferred browser, Tor can only be used with Tor browser, and when the browser is running you can access to blocked How to Access Facebook in China - Conclusion. Internet users in China aren't able to access Facebook due to its blockage by the Chinese government. Many foreign websites are unavailable in China because of surveillance and censorship project within the country. The best way to bypass censorship and unblock Facebook in China is by using a VPN. Getting a Free VPN for China. In order to get around this internet censorship to use Facebook and other websites / apps, you will need to use a VPN (virtual private network) app or something similar. There are a number of VPN apps / proxies that are "free", however the exact nature of what "free" means can be broken down into three China Proxy, China. 33 likes. https://www.proxy-center.com is the recommended way to access Facebook in China! Since Facebook is blocked in China, the best way to access it is to use a VPN. Running a VPN server costs money and time, so the best VPNs are premium services, for which you must pay a monthly fee. Although free VPNs do exist, they often cause more problems than they solve, as they might display aggressive ads, slowing your laptop by When it comes to accessing Facebook in China or other notable social media platforms, VPNs help by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and a server somewhere in the world. This prevents censorship technology from finding and blocking your access.

3 Best VPNs to Unblock Facebook in China. Here are the 3 top VPNs that will help you access Facebook in China and from anywhere: PureVPN; Ivacy; ExpressVPN; PureVPN is the top recommendation when it comes to unblocking Facebook in China. It uses strong military-grade encryption that bypasses Great Firewall restrictions with ease.

Best way to access Facebook, try to find proxies that arent blocked in china. Or even better use tor, to takes a little while to figure out but with a good website documentation its easy. to get tor look it up and download it or send an email to gettor@tor?project.org , only say windows in the body of the message for windows computer.

A proxy is a website that allows you to open other websites via it. If the proxy is in the United states, when you visit Facebook through it, it is like browsing Facebook in the United States. Free proxy to access Facebook. Below are several free proxy websites that work well in China to access Facebook.

Web proxy How to Access Facebook in China and Unblock YouTube Free Trial China Proxy 1. Web Proxy Use a web proxy to access Facebook in China Continue reading for a step by step guide that will get you back on Facebook and unblock YouTube in minutes…. 2.