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In the case of intentional violations of laws governing transfers, importation, and exportation the minimum penalties are five years in prison and a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs (approximately $69,000). GUN OWNERSHIP RATES. Switzerland, a country of seven million inhabitants, has approximately two million guns, including 600,000 assault rifles. Sep 16, 2019 · A 2015 government study estimated that if Switzerland ratified the FCTC, it could reduce annual tax revenues by CHF111-170 million a year between 2018-2060 and result in 340-540 job losses in the Switzerland law resource page with links to the Switzerland constitution, Switzerland government, Switzerland law firms, Switzerland law, Switzerland law schools, Switzerland arbitration law, Switzerland court, Switzerland legal research, Switzerland bar association, Switzerland federal offices, Switzerland banking law, Switzerland legislature, and Switzerland law guide. Further, Switzerland has paid public holidays (eg, 1 August). What are the rules applicable to final pay and deductions from wages? Swiss social insurance laws provide for deductions from wages.

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Prevention and enforcement underpin Switzerland’s activities to combat illicitly acquired assets of politically exposed persons Links. Freezing of Assets in Switzerland. The United Nations and international law. International legal bases for combating terrorism. The legal basis of cross-border cooperation

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Switzerland’s pet ownership laws don’t stop at guinea pigs Dog owners are also required to take a series of classes before getting a furry friend People who own one indoor cat are required to let it outside, or give it a window from which it can see another cat, or else they have to get a second feline companion Jun 29, 2020 · Switzerland regulates the handling of drones quite uncomplicatedly. Here you find the regulations for copter pilots in Switzerland. As already said, the rules for the use of drones are very liberal in Switzerland. However, the public is very sensitized, and many pilots describe that the police intervene quite quickly. Switzerland Drone Regulations. According to Switzerland’s national aviation authority, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), flying a drone is legal in Switzerland, but we recommend being aware of and compliant with the drone regulations listed below before doing so. Switzerland Poker Laws For the better part of the 20th century, gambling has been banned in Switzerland , as the government passed a law back in 1921 outlawing it in all forms. This isn’t to say that no gambling took place during this time but it certainly wasn’t permitted out in the open. Jun 21, 2016 · Switzerland’s gun laws are rather strict, including three classes of weapons and ammunition with varying degrees of restrictions, mandatory background checks per-purchase, training, the banning of high-powered weapons, an ability to disarm citizens, bans of immigrants and criminals owning guns, and other general restrictions and regulations.