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Consumer Support | ARRIS SURFboard ARRIS stands by our warranties 100% and even provides support - for an additional fee - if you are outside your warranty period. Get manuals, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and more. We’ve continually worked with our customers to transform the experience of entertainment and communications for millions of people around the world. Arris Modems and Routers Have Major Security Flaw | Tom's Every Arris network device — modem, router or gateway device, which combines a modem and router — provided by AT&T that Nomotion tested had a secret firewall bypass on port 49152. Arris Routers | HTC Inc. Connecting/Installing your Arris Router . Reset Button: resets the router back to factory default settings. Use a pointed non-metallic object to press this button. Ethernet (1-4): connectors for use with a computer LAN port. Cable: connector for the coaxial cable. Power: connector for the power cord. Connect the Coax Cable to the Cable Connector (3) on the back of the router. Router: The default login for Arris Router (set up and

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ARRIS; Default settings for ARRIS routers. Here you will find the combinations of IP address, username and password that are used most commonly as the default for ARRIS routers to access the user interface. Moreover, you can see the standard settings of all available router models from the manufacturer on this site. How do I figure out my password for my arris router

Upon factory reset (using a pin and the inset button on the back of the device) it didn't seem to reset the username and password to what is stated on the shaw help website. username: admin. password: password. Is there a different password that is used? The username is noted by the router as correct, but it won't accept the password.

Sep 16, 2019 How to reset forgotten username and password on a router