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IP Route command: Create static routes or Change the IP route command is an extension of IP command, we have already discussed IP commands in brief in our previous tutorial. IP route command is used to add, delete or modify the Linux system’s routing table. We basically use the IP route command to create static routes in Linux to specific hosts or to change the default gateway for the Linux system. CAT OS, how to remove default route? - Cisco Community Hello, I added a new default route on a 2980g layer 2 switch with the set command, but cannot figure out how to remove the old default route? TIA, Gary Debian User - how to delete a route? 2020-6-12 · You always have only one default gateway in main route table, but it's possible to use several routing tables with different gateways. Iproute2 gives you this opportunity. To delete a route use # ip route del dev ath0 to delete gateway use # ip route del default via dev ath0 to add route use # ip route add dev eth1 to list your routes use (for main route table

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If you subsequently change the system's primary interface to another interface, then the system's default route should also be updated persistently. A best practice is to delete the persistent route configuration prior to adding the new route.

sudo route delete default. sudo route add default sudo route add . Internet: Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire. default UGScI 1 0 en1 default UGScI 3 0 en0. 127 UCS 0 0 lo0 Removing IPv6 routes - IBM 2017-6-19 · To delete a default IPv6 route, type *DFT6ROUTE and press Enter. To delete a normal IPv6 route, specify the IPv6 address of the route destination and press Enter. A list of optional parameters is then displayed. At the Next hop prompt, specify the IPv6 address of the gateway on the route. Solved: Unable to delete route - Hewlett Packard