Private Browsing does not save your browsing information, such as history and cookies, leaving no trace after you end the session. Firefox also has Content Blocking Enhanced Tracking Protection, which prevents hidden trackers from collecting your data across multiple sites …

Private network - Wikipedia The concept of private networks has been extended in the next generation of the Internet Protocol, IPv6, and special address blocks are reserved.. The address block fc00:: / 7 is reserved by IANA for Unique Local Addresses (ULA). They are unicast addresses, but contain a 40-bit random number in the routing prefix to prevent collisions when two private networks are interconnected. What’s the Difference Between Private and Public Networks Jul 10, 2017 Turn Private Browsing on or off on your iPhone or iPod Feb 25, 2020 Private Internet Access - Chrome Web Store

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Private Tunnel is a new approach to true Internet security, privacy, and cyber protection by creating a Virtual Private Network VPN integrated with enhanced Intrusion Prevention Software IPS that encrypts data, hides your IP address, and prevents malicious attacks to protect your privacy.