Mar 31, 2012 · I'd like to be able to control volume in a preamp stage with a buffered y-splitter (true signal duplication, not a simple Y-splitter). I have 2 50k alps pots for the volume controls, but I dont know how to go about the signal duplicator. Questions:

AB/Y buffered splitter with phase reverse switches - Music Dec 27, 2013 Buffer Fiber Optic Tube Splitter | MSAT (Midspan Access Tool) This low cost tool is fast and will enable users to mid-span loose tube fibers with ease. Works great on gel filled or all dry buffer tubes. Once the buffer tube is split carefully remove fibers for termination and routing within splice trays. Features. Quickly and easily access fibers in 2.0, 2.5 and 3mm buffer tubes in a mid-span location TheGigRig ABY Baby ABY Switcher – Official Video - YouTube Aug 04, 2017 JHS Buffered Splitter - Pedaltown

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The Buffered Splitter pedal is the ultra compact pedal that brings your tone back where you want it. Send your guitar's signal to your amp and a tuner, or send it to your pedalboard and a mixer. Buffered Y Splitter Pedal - Loopi Pedals | eBay AB/Y buffered splitter with phase reverse switches 12-25-2013, 06:05 PM Anyone know of a stomp box kit out there to take one guitar signal and split it to one or two buffered outputs, with the option of phase reversal on either output? JHS Buffered Splitter is a little box of magic which takes your input signal and splits it into two always-on outputs that are buffered so you don’t lose clarity or tone in any way. Plug your guitar in and use one output to send your clean signal somewhere like a tuner, mixer, separate amp, etc… and send the other output through your board Buffered Splitter, Bass Buffered Splitter, Splitters with Switches and Level Controls. The Saturnworks buffered splitter is the best way to split your signal. The Saturnworks splitter features two buffers, one on each side of the split. Since each output has its own buffer, your signal also stays crystal clear over long cable runs. JHS Pedals Buffered Splitter Micro Single In / Dual Out Pedal - NEWNeed to split your signal? Don’t want to settle for a passive device that will kill your tone and cause signal loss? This is what you need! Signal Splitter Permanently divides the input signal into 2 output signals, No signal or volume loss, Buffered signal path, Status LED, Metal housing, 6.3 mm Mono jack input, 2 x 6.3 mm jack output, Power supply via 9 V DC power supply (2.1 mm x Quote from first post"So far I have tried a Radial Twin City ABY and a JHS Buffered Splitter." Slicklickz, Jul 14, 2017. Slicklickz, Jul 14, 2017 #18.